About Us

1954 Chevy getting a new transmission at the shop.

Custom Work On Any Transmission

Family owned and operated since April of 2001, we don’t just diagnose and fix transmissions, we can custom rebuild the transmission of your dreams!
Our licensed mechanics have over 70 years combined experience and our Service Manager Tony is here to answer any questions. 

We have the ability to work on a variety of transmissions, including manual and automatic, domestic or import. We also specialize in servicing older vehicles of pretty much every make and model, built in any year. In fact, we’re so well known for our transmission service that our clients come from far and wide to bring us their special project vehicles.


Community Sponsorships

At Belleville Transmission we believe that sponsorships are the best way to give back to the community who visits your business. From local sports teams to the neighbouring racetrack, we’re proud to offer our support!